About Me


If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Rupert Gregory and this is a quick overview of what I’m best at. For a CV and a beer you can find me on LinkedIn.

Network Management –

Having been frustrated with the current monolithic NMS vendor offerings, I most recently chose to specialise in network monitoring and management including the design and integration of multiple systems and datasets to provide globally unified views using COTS products where possible.

This is an area that is rapidly changing with the traditional vendors being challenged by many new entrants including those leveraging the cloud to provide massively scalable services on demand.

Networking –

Have you ever wondered how the internet actually works? I did and ended up working on the global WAN infrastructure for a large financial institution. Having a good understanding of the OSI model is essential for everything from the initial specification and design right through to commissioning and troubleshooting. I enjoy working accross a wide range of networking disciplines including both project work and day to day activities.

To date my best achievement was heading up a team of two, designing, procuring, implementing and commissioning a new network for a 4500 person European head office. This included wired and wireless networks, considerations for voice and guest access and the optical MAN environment.

Skills also include Linux server administration, familiarity with the LAMP stack including multi-master MySQL systems, diverging from IT to include home theater and multimedia systems.

Application Delivery Services –

One of my passions is ensuring the always on and timely delivery of content to end users, be it pages on a website or stock information within a FIX message, it’s essential that these services are highly resilient as any down time usually incurs a financial penalty.

Notable achievements include the design, procurement and deployment of a globally distributed set of application delivery infrastructure including the F5 Global Traffic Manager and Local Traffic Manager suite of products.